Academic Support: provides and strengthens self-management skills for struggling students. Helps girls with taking more responsibility for their own success.

  • Tutoring-helps with homework, test preparation, reinforcement of the importance academic achievement.
  • ┬áSTEM Engagement-(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Boosts interest in these subjects as well as opening their eyes to the existence and importance of these subjects in all aspects of their lives.

School Partnerships: AmazinnMe offers in school and out of school group sessions that strives to deliver significant results on the most pressing issues facing youth within Cleveland schools. We promote student, family and community engagement and provide CMSD students with enhanced educational opportunities and resources that will prepare them for success in the 21st century.

Community Service/Volunteer Opportunities: A way for our youth to build their resume and skill sets. Creates life-changing experiences, one that allows teens to expand their horizons and foster meaningful relationships.

College Readiness: 9-12th grade students. To better prepare our youth for college we focus on four key factors:

  • The Path to College


  • Preparing to Apply

Entrance Requirements

  • Footwork

College Readiness Calendar/Checklist

  • Paying and Saving for College

Financial Aid Options

Career and Leadership Development: Helps with developing the skills and qualities needed to make a successful transition to the world of work.